Total Surrender Orgasm With Female Ejaculation

Total Surrender Orgasm with Female Ejaculation

Action Group for Men ONLY

What's the Real Problem with Most Love Relationships, and How Do You Fix It?

What if when you made love to a woman, you left her completely limp, exhausted, covered in tears of happiness, wet with her own ejaculate, and basking in the afterglow of a pleasure so amazing that she collapsed in happy bliss and in obedience to your wisdom and skill in helping her to pleasure and safety?

Yep--That's a mouth full; but it's possible.

When you look at all the courses on lovemaking, all the supplements and courses to improve connection, and sex, and appearance and even the size of the penis, when you study all the info on the best way to dress (even why people read the scriptures)--for what do most people search in the way of sex and love?

After talking with over 3,000 women about the intimate details of their health and their lives, after writing the best-selling sex manual that brought to me male patients and letters from readers around the world, after way too many lovers (on a personal basis), after studying the latest in sexual research and even doing my own research in the areas of sex and physiology---this is what I consider the problem that persists that most cannot even articulate: no matter how controlling on angry she may seem, most women want to rest in the love of a man who is on an adventure, she wants to be the beauty that motivates and inspires, and (now here's the politically incorrect part that may make you gasp)--she wants to feel so secure and loved and trusting that she relaxes and becomes--OBEDIENT.

I know there will be many angry people, just because I wrote the "O" word. But, ironically, the angriest, the most denying, are the most unhappy because they have not found a safe place to rest in the "O" word (and I don't mean "orgasm").

She wants to be obedient, but you must be worthy and able to accept her. Most women are unconsciously testing men to see if the man is strong enough to rule her (in a loving way) and become disrespectful and angry when the men come up short.

Scary word. "obedience", and most women would rather you ask them for anything other than obedience. But, in the right situation, they will gladly give it to the man: the right situation is--"Total Surrender Orgasm with Female Ejaculation."

Just for me to write the "O" word took much courage on my part because I know how much it's misunderstood and can even provoke more anger than most four-letter words.

But, wait, please let me explain the real secret of the "O" word...

What if she knew the man loved her enough to die for her with a completely unselfish love? What if she knew that he loved her so much he would never want anything for her except the very best, even if it brought him pain.

What if she trusted his judgment (because of his love); thought him strong and wise and connected to a higher power; what if she thought his soul connected to hers so that she knew that when she cut her finger that he would bleed--that when she had an orgasm, that he would feel ecstasy?

What if he really knew her body better than anyone--including herself?

Do you think that then, perhaps, she would know that whatever he asked would at least be the best for her, then, knowing that, could actually become eager to know what he wanted of her, and start living the "O" word even if her ladies magazines have taught her to deplore it?

If she knew that she would blossom with beauty and with happiness and with pleasure if obedient to him, would she want to be obedient?

It's pretty straight from most scriptures: The man loves the woman enough to die for her. The woman obeys the man with devoted surrender.

He gets respect. She gets love.

Sounds pretty cool, but how to pull that off?

More importantly, how do you relate to a woman emotionally and physically to find this very sweet surrender (and I mean sweet for her even more than for him).

Just being a "good lover" will not do it; she could have many "good" lovers who are mechanically adequate in bed, but she's looking for "something more."

Just listening will not do it; her friends listen.

Just being strong or rich or having large biceps or a large penis or a handsome face--none of these will do it.

She may think that when she meets the man with any combination of the above that she has found the man to whom she can surrender--but after a time, she realizes that none of these are enough and she will start to pull away, grow dissatisfied, and look elsewhere or settle into a tasteless routine.

An Experiment to Prove the True Nature of Men and Women

Show me a woman who is totally surrendered to a man who does not love her completely and I will show you a woman being abused by a man (physically, emotionally, or both).

Show me a woman who is not surrendered (and obedient) to a man who completely and unselfishly loves her, and I will show you a man who is broken physically and financially by the emotional (and yes sometimes physical) abuse of the woman he loves.

Here's the Experiment...

Stop now: Prove the truth of these words by thinking of couples who fit both categories.

  1. The surrender of the woman without the unselfish love of the man leads to the abuse of the woman.
  2. Unselfish love of the man without surrender of the woman leads to abuse of the man.

Could you think of examples of both cases? Women find it easier to think of cases of the first situation. Men find it easier to think of cases of the second example.

It takes both to have the perfect match. A wise, strong, loving man. A wise, strong, and surrendered woman.

Show me a woman who is totally surrendered to a completely loving man and I will show you a loving, excited, happy couple.

For this to work, the man's love must be greater than the woman's to earn the surrender of the woman. That is the way of the ancients and it's what's missing from the modern that results in the turbulence and the breakups of most marriages.

When the man puts on the suit, or lifts weights, or studies martial arts, or reads a book--he wants the surrender of a woman--but none of these will work.

When the woman puts on the dress, or gets the manicure, she wants the love of the man--but none of these will work.

Why the Problem Continues...

So, if this is the highest way between man and woman, and it's been spoken for at least 2,000 years, then why does the problem continue?

Here are several reasons:

  • Sometimes the man is fearful of the woman, when what the woman really wants is for the man to be man enough to stand up to her--to not be afraid. If he can't stand up to her, how can he be strong enough to stand up for her?
  • Sometimes the man loves the woman dearly but simply does not know how to communicate to the woman that he loves her enough for her to find rest with him (If he thinks his words or his money will do it, then he's in for some pain).
  • Sometimes the woman is so fearful of giving up control to a man (who might then abuse or neglect her) that she cannot find the courage to surrender (and he does not know how to help her find that courage).
  • Sometimes the man truly does not love the woman enough, nor is he strong enough, or wise enough to give her a place to rest--so she cannot surrender--it would be like stepping off a cliff to fall into an abyss.
  • Sometimes everything is in place (the man is able and loving, the woman is able and wanting) except for the man understanding a way to make it happen. Here the man struggles to find a better way to talk, or buys more things, or tries to have more sex, or less sex, spending more time, spending less time--until he's exhausted and she's confused. Until, with a deep feeling that everything could be perfect but with exhaustion from not being able to set it up, finally the couple splits to try to find bliss another way.
  • Or, without knowing what or how to find the total surrender to the perfect love, both parties settle into a place of mostly peaceful cohabitation. Never going deeper and never splitting apart. Never knowing the full bliss of a male and female union but living together to avoid the pain completely being alone.
  • Plainly this level of devotion and understanding is not easy, which is exactly why it cannot be found in the quick and meaningless encounters. This situation is the reward of those truly devoted to each other and is one way to define the heavenly bliss that should define a committed love. So, this situation only comes about with at least the idea of being together in some way forever (which ironically most people fear because they do not know what is possible).

How sad that some people think the only reason for a long-term relationship is either the rearing of children or the avoidance of sexually transmitted disease or to keep from being lonely. You can accomplish all of these ends fairly well and be reasonably promiscuous with only short-term relations.

But, to accomplish what I am describing demands that you go to the core of your being as a man

and find the core of her being as a woman.

And, the reward is the definition of love and of sexual bliss.

The Problem Continues Because Most Men are Learning Bed-Room Tricks and Lifting Weights and Buying Gifts Instead of Finding the Holy Pilgrimage to a Woman's Soul

The path to this blissful place cannot be explained in a 3-page article in Cosmo Magazine or in Men's Health Magazine. You won't find it exactly laid out in the scriptures or in the sex manuals or in the gym (though there are ingredients and clues in all of those places).

To really successfully follow this path requires a working knowledge of at least the following:

  • The psychology of a woman's surrender both emotionally and sexually (almost the same).
  • The different types of female orgasm and how to help a woman to each type.
  • The physiology and endocrinology of excellent female health and sexuality.
  • The detailed anatomy of the female body, especially how it relates to the different types of orgasm.
  • The sexual techniques of a man that allow him to have unlimited sex (not worrying about premature ejaculation).
  • The special techniques that best provide a deep, earth-shattering, ejaculating orgasm for the woman (one of these I developed and have seen in no other book).
  • The spiritual laws of sexuality that allow unbridled passion without boredom.
  • The how to find the courage to love her fearlessly (and why it's your own emotions that you should most fear). Why you won't take her to bliss and obedience without this because she will know your fear and hold back.
  • How to find the connection to a higher power from which she can draw strength through her connection to you. Are you really brave enough to become the "priest" of your house that sanctifies her sexuality and then fills it with exploding passion that show's her heaven on earth?
  • How to be loving without becoming wimpy. If you cater to her every need in a wimpy way, then she has castrated you and will look at you with disdain because you allowed that castration. If you love her unselfishly but with strength, then you have discovered the art of a manly love and she will surrender to you. Men who make idols of their lover will eventually know their lover's disdain.
  • According to ancient scriptures, the man who loves his woman in the wrong way will literally have his prayers "hindered" --eventually being cut off from both wife and God.

In summary, the reason the problem continues is that these are not easy skills and they are nether widely known nor widely taught. It took me until the age of 40, a few thousand patients, too many lovers, a study of scripture and physiology, sex manuals, anatomy, psychiatry, endocrinology, and a broken marriage to even start to become aware of the existence of these skills and laws.

The understanding of these laws and techniques is as deep and as profound and not far removed from the understanding of the Creator and discovering how to love the woman in your life can be a way to discover the face of that Creator.

A Powerful Tool for Finding Complete Surrender--What Is Possible with the Level 9 Orgasm

About a year ago, I discussed the idea of female ejaculation and offered a seminar to teach some very esoteric techniques.

I have closed that seminar for now; but I am offering a course that presents many of the techniques in audio and written materials. This is not a course to read and think about. This is an action group with home work assignments.

The goal of the group is that your lover will reach a place of more loving surrender and of female ejaculation. Before you get too excited, be sure to read this.

What This Action Group Cannot Fix:

  • If your woman has the personality to roam--borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, and others--then she will roam no matter what. No man will ever satisfy her because she is unable to find satisfaction. But, she will still be obedient to you when she is with you.

  • If you do not do as instructed, then you will not see results. This is an action group, not a study course. You learn to do or else learning does not change your life.

  • If your relationship is damaged, it may take being away from your lover for a time or starting over with another person. Sometimes, you can't un break a glass. But, if you start over, you will increase your chances of a real connection.

The Tools to Teach You the Skills

Week 1: Total Surrender Orgasm with Female Ejaculation Part I (One hour MP3 audio recording).

Week 2: Anytime...for as Long as You Want: Strength, Genius, Libido, & Erection by Integrative Sex Transmutation 15-day course for men to improve sex and life.

Week 3: Total Surrender Orgasm Part II (One hour MP3 audio recording) Explains

Week 4: The Law of Health: 10 Essential Steps to Glorious Health & Miraculous Healing. A 10-Week course to find your best health and your best shot at rejuvenation and healing of your body-temple.

Week 5: Dr. Runels Recipe for Erection Enhancement. How to make your penis larger and healthier. What women really think about penis size. When size matters and when it does not.

Week 6: The #1 Health & Energy Secret Without this one you will have less energy to give.

Week 7: Total Surrender Orgasm with Female Ejaculation Part III (One hour MPE audio recording). Explains

Week 8: The Magic 9 techniques for extending lovemaking for as long as you want making ejaculation like a light switch that you turn on or off at will.

Week 9: Practical Application of Integrative Sex Transmutation: Advanced techniques for transmuting sexual energy into strength, energy, intelligence, creativity, spiritual enlightenment, and into the sexual and physical connection that makes two lovers become one.

For about the price of dinner and a movie, you can learn how to elevate your sex and love-making to a place of which few know exists and even less ever see.

I've been asked by some of my group to extend this price but after one more week, the price goes WAY up (haven't decided how much yet). Most offer discounts to get new clients. I'm offering a discount because you've been reading my stuff already.

Hope to hear from you. I'll be advertising the group and going up on the price in a few days.

(credit card will not show the name of the action group) 100% guaranteed results

Peace & Health,


Charles Runels, MD

The Sex Energy Doctor™

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