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How odd is it that our love relationships can be so important to us, and that those love relationships depend so much upon sex, yet very little instruction is given to most of us? We learn about birth control and sexually transmitted diseases (maybe your sister taught you about birth control pills or your coach showed a video about how to put on a condom), but did you receive a class in school about how to bring your lover to orgasm? Not likely. Yet, orgasm and sexual pleasure are wanted and needed by most people to help establish the deep bond between lovers.

So, to find out the safest and intimate and arousing ways to please our lover, some go to the internet to find books, or to porn to try and watch, or to the therapist, or stumble/fumble in the dark trying to figure things out…but since we are all so very different (both psychologically and physically) many go for years not understanding the depths of pleasure and connection that are possible.

As a physician who has (so far) talked with over 5,000 women about their sex, one of the most disturbing observations I’ve seen over and over is that often the woman in a relationship is very unsatisfied or perhaps just reasonably resolved to “OK sex” but the husband is completely unaware. The woman seldom feels safe enough even to let her lover know but she will cry in frustration in my office telling me her woes.

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The therapist can help with communication, the gynecologist can sometimes help with medication (hormones, flibanserin, etc.), but because every relationship and every person is different, no one is teaching how to read the most important book possible, how to attend the most important college possible…when it comes to your love relationship, the most important “Orgasm College®” is your lover.

The problems are that your lover’s emotional and physical intricacies are not written in words in a book like you’d find at most colleges. To go to your lover’s Orgasm College, you need understand his or her unique anatomy, to understand her physiology and history and psychology and the sounds she makes and the expressions she makes and what she wants that she doesn’t know she wants and what she knows she wants but maybe is too afraid to speak. You need to know how to experiment in the laboratory of your lover's erotic mind, to explore the exotic garden of your lover’s body.

Sound complicated?

It is.

But, here’s the fun part. Just like the most complicated books can be deciphered once you learn 26 letters and how to use a dictionary, you can learn a few basic principles at our Orgasm College® and then attend the most important Orgasm College of all, your lover, and know how to read and learn to earn a Ph.D. in YOUR lover’s body, emotions, thoughts for a graduate degree in love-making with YOUR lover.

Understanding your lover most deeply is the way to the best lovemaking and is the reason why devoted lovers can have more fun than jumping from lover to lover.

Warning, to understand your lover, you need to be brave (are you really brave enough to know her thoughts and desires); you need to be attentive and patient, and expect to be surprised and even hurt…but the rewards can be like something few people ever know.

This Orgasm College™ serves to teach you how to attend the most important Orgasm College of all, your lover, and to be able to understand what you find. Look here for a growing and well researched and a brave array of courses, books, devices, and workshops.

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As the person who invented the Orgasm Shot®, did research for over 20 years, personally taught more women to orgasm and to ejaculate than I care to admit, as the person who was doing “natural” hormone replacement before Suzanne Somers did her first book, as the one who was called the “Orgasm Doctor” by both Cosmo Magazine and by the Guardian, who has trained directly or through my teachers over 2,000 physicians in over 50 countries…as that person, I hope you’ll find the educational materials that I curate here at the Orgasm College™ to be of help to you and to your relationships with both your lover and with the world through the secondary creativity and inspiration and courage that you find through sex as it was meant to be.

Cosmopolitan Magazine UK Cover. July 2014
"The Orgasm Doctor will see you now...Hollywood's new sex trend is coming your way"

Orgasm is not just about pleasure, it’s about connection, and relationships, and creativity, and confidence, and intelligence, and even about spirituality and prayer.

Orgasm is worth your attention, and I’m honored that you found me and the other contributors to this website…here at the Orgasm College®

Peace & health,

Charles Runels, MD

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Charles Runels, MD

Important Legal DisclaimerBy visiting this website, I am not becoming your physician or your counselor. Use the information here for discussion with your physician, your therapist, and your lover. I think you’ll find it helpful on your path to a more profound relationship and deeper pleasure.