Jack Hammers, Space, & Sex

Even though by studying my course Extend Sex, you can possibly become a man who can provide sex like a jackhammer with extended, mindless, unrelenting thrusting for hours and hours and hours (and hours), actually performing in that way every time you enjoy a sexual encounter should not be your goal. To understand sex as both passion, love, and art, dangerous strength, and sacred tenderness, listen to George Winston's December Album (one of the compositions can be heard in the following video).

This is not a rhetorical request, buy the album (preferably on vinyl); then listen to it from start to finish, in one session, in the dark, without speaking or allowing anyone else to speak. As you listen, you will learn about lovemaking and sex: notice the space between the notes—the silence. Notice that he, on occasion, demonstrates technique, finger speed, and dexterity sufficient to play as quickly as anyone. His fingers can and do sometimes move magically fast. But, when he plays, Winston shows no need to prove his abilities. Instead, he uses silence to make you want the next note.

He often only gives you the next note after making you wait a long second more than you expect; then, because you waited, when the note finally comes, you hear it, really hear it—you more than hear it. When he does give you “fast” and “loud,” slams your ear with a forceful stream of notes, he does so only after enticing you with “slow” and with “space” until you want “fast” and “loud.” Then, he makes you wait a little longer.

The space between the notes, the silence, makes the notes magic; and, maybe, more importantly, the space between the notes becomes as thrilling as the notes.

After you understand George Winston, you will see that artful thrilling connecting sex is like his compositions. Being able to thrust jackhammer style for hours does not mean that you should any more than George Winston should make his fingers move as forcefully and as quickly as possible throughout an entire album or concert just because he can.

Of course, to perform as an excellent pianist, Winston must have the ability to play quickly and with strength and volume—and we expect that and demand it or else we put away his music as weak and impotent; but much of the time, he plays very softly and leaves long space between the notes.
With sex, you must, as a man, claim the solid mechanics of this glorified water balloon we call a penis and learn to maintain its fullness for hours at a time; but the mechanics without the art turns sex into a nuisance at best.

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