Extend Sex: Dr. Runels Secret “Man-Map to Prolonged Pleasure & Deeper Intimacy”

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Extend Sex...Dr. Runels "Secret Man-Map to Prolonged Pleasure & Deeper Intimacy" <-Enroll Now. Tuition $197 for this 10-week course<--

Scientific research and practical knowledge included in every lesson.
Delivered in 10 weekly online, written, and video lessons
Each lesson lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and includes
exercises, research, & practical directions.
Successful completion of the course and the final exam with a C grade or better earns a diploma from Orgasm College™, signed by Dr. Runels, & suitable for framing that reads, "[Your Name] has successfully completed a course in extended lovemaking and fully understands the 'Man-Map to Prolonged Pleasure & Deeper Intimacy'"

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Willie Nelson's guitar, "Trigger" (the video at the top of the page explains the valuable this lesson this guitar teaches about sex)